We believe God has called us to reach the masses. Research shows that internet radio has soared in popularity, becoming a very viable, low-cost way to accomplish our vision. Internet radio has a global listening audience, reaching nationally and internationally, wherever the internet is available. This platform will provide another opportunity to minister, allowing us to extend beyond the church walls to the world.


We anticipate that individuals across many cultures, races, and denominations will be exposed to our high-quality productions and as a result be inspired, educated and transformed. Our show formats include but not limited to, talk, teaching, preaching and music.


TLC4U Radio is an outreach ministry of Transformed Life Church, located in Piqua, Ohio. Transformed Life Church is the primary financial support of TLC4U radio. We are always looking for individuals, partners and sponsors of programs to produce their own shows at a very reasonable cost.


All hosts, guest commentaries, and show productions that will be aired may not totally align with the beliefs of Transformed Life Church, but they must align with the TLC4U’s core values.  Please feel free to contact us for more information.


Glory to

Our God 

Operate with the utmost goal of living by faith and

obedience to God which ultimately brings HIM glory.

Character in Ourselves 

 Believers should strive for and promote character and integrity

that comes from

a growing relationship

with God.


For Others 

 Value the personal and professional contributions of each individual.

Grace In

our Relationships 

Be devoted

to communicating and demonstrating God’s grace.

Excellence in

our Pursuits 

Strive for the highest quality programs, services, and leadership possible.