Eryca Renai

Eryca Renai has enjoyed writing and especially journaling since she was a child. Over the years her journals have made her laugh and at times they’ve made her weep. She has grimaced at some of the stories and other entries have created a sense of pride, so much so that she has made it to the point of creating “I Wanted To Tell You..” Both a blog and a podcast Eryca developed to share the truths that she has experienced and the lies that she had had to navigate through. It is her mission that through these stories real healing takes place at root issues and that people that come here are freed from suffering from the symptoms that rob them of quality living. 


Eryca Renai currently resides in Ohio where she is a full time mother, motivational blogger, writer, and aspiring author. Her unique spiritual journey matched with her transparent voice, and heart for the dismissed, overlooked and forgotten is what sets these works apart. So please take your time, get your tea and take in what “I wanted to tell you...”

Our Identity Crisis
00:00 / 33:08

This show talks about  knowing ourselves through Christ, and finding out our true identity even though sometimes we might feel like we're going through an identity crisis, she reminds us that Christ will remind us exactly who we are.

00:00 / 33:58

This show talks about loving the life you live, and being thankful for the life that you were given. She also, talks about self medicating to escape problems, as well as working towards the person you want to become. Seek your highest self.

00:00 / 33:48

This show talks about dealing with anxiety and other mental health issues. She explains how we can use practical and spiritual tools to help fight against anxiety or any other things they may be battling as well.

Confrontation Pt1
00:00 / 34:32

This show talks about why we fail to not confront situations, the 3 people we must confront, as well as the myths we have about confrontation. She talks about how confronting different situations is not always a bad, but it is definitely important. 

Confrontational Pt2
00:00 / 33:52